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What a weekend! Had to clean and scrub the refrigerator and then had a nasty incident where a lot of hot wax was spilled on the bloody carpet! Oh man if I knew I could scrub and scratch so well I would have become a Bollywood director and direct movies like De Taali etc. But anyways my boring life aside lets get to the movie review

Describe the movie in one word : Rubbish

Vital Stats:

Title: De Taali
Director: E Nivas
Starring: Aftab Shivdasani, Ayesha Takia, Ritesh Deshmukh, Rimi Sen, Anupam Kher
Length: 156min

The movie is about three friends Amu (Ayesha), Abhi (Aftab) and Paglu (Ritesh). They have been the best of chums since childhood and have grown up together. Abhi is the son of business tycoon Anupam Kher and hence is loaded. Amu and Paglu we know nothing about. For all we are concerned they could have sprouted on the same mango tree that I mentioned in one of my earlier reviews. Abhi is a miserable loser in love and has had 31 prior girl friends (including a psychic Neha Dhupia who can talk to dead people and hence my using the word loser). He meets and falls for Kartika (Rim Sen) just as Amu and Paglu come to this "logical conclusion" that Amu actually loves Abhi. Well it turns out Rimi is a gold digger and now commences the eventual battle between the gold digger vamp and the "loyal broker loser miserable bacchpan ke langotiya yaar" to save the prince charming. The movie is all about this battle.

My Psychobabble: Rubbish, Bull's feces and crap! I mean when I walked into the cinema I wasn't expecting a masterpiece. In fact I was kind of looking forward to another cousin in the same family tree of movies like "Krazzy 4" and "One Two Three" etc. and I am glad I wasn't dissappointed on this front at least. Aftab Shivdesani has looked exactly like his character in the movie – absolutely filthy, stupid, ridiculous and idiotic. His is probably the most wasted part in the movie (unless you count the total 10 minute appearance by Neha Dhupia) and so are his looks. The only time he is tolerable is when he is not on the screen. Ritesh has been the saving grace of the movie. Yes he is not a terrific actor and his character in the movie is a bit off as well but at least the way he acts keeps you slightly amused and remotely interested in the movie. Ayesha Takia….oh well what do I say here! Her presence literally “fills up the screen” *wink wink* but other than that there is no substance to her acting, her looks or her character. Rim Sen has been the “Oh My Freakin God” of the movie. I don’t know if it is the camera angle or the seat I was sitting at but Rimi Sen my dear readers has appeared HUGE (and no, no winks this time I mean the whole of her). Her face looks gigantic, her shoulders could easily match those of Arny and the frame of her body made her look like the Goliath in the movie. At times I was expecting the movie to turn into the “Gulliver Travels” with Rimi Sen picking up Ayesha and Ritesh in her palm, bringing them close to her eyes and giving a nasty, evil, resounding boom of laughter!

The characters and their portrayal apart, the direction SUX! Many situations and scenes in the movie make no sense whatsoever. I mean even if you were Einstein you couldn’t have figured out what the director is trying to show you. By the way if you were Einstein you would have figured out the movie is trash and wouldn’t waste your time on it anyway. But sadly you are not and more sadly you are here suffering my psychobabble. But trust me once you have been to the movie (if you go that is) and have seen Neha Dhupia and her psychic stuff, you would happily come back to my blog!

The script could have been good but it was thoroughly messed up and I do mean thoroughly. Probably Mr. Nivas took charge of script editing of the movie as well. The cinematography was average however a couple of songs in the movie were good.

Verdict: If I were to chose between Indiana Jones and this one, I would chose this but given an option to either watch this or lazy around in my couch, I would chose the couch! Try and not waste your time on this one. Ain’t worth it.
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